Immersive Technology: Augmented & Virtual Reality for Deutsche Bahn

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Virtual realities

The potential for planning, training and repairs

Article: Immersive Technology: Augmented & Virtual Reality for Deutsche Bahn

Through immersive technologies and real-world applications and concepts, we improve Deutsche Bahn's operational performance by taking the training of railway employees to a new level. We make information available to passengers and rail employees exactly where they need it.

Immersive technology completely reproduces reality in the digital world (virtual reality - VR) or enriches it with selected information (augmented reality - AR).

Through our EVE learning applications for VR, tablet and desktop, many DB employees have been trained and educated for their everyday work in recent years.

With our AR knowledge, we provide advice and bring your ideas to fruition with PoCs and prototypes.

Our 3D models of DB assets (e.g. buildings, technical facilities, infrastructure, trains) form the basis for simulating completely new environments or integrating parts of them into reality.

Virtual reality solutions:
Engaging Virtual Education (EVE)
We make sure that operations staff are perfectly trained to do their jobs.

Augmented reality solutions:
Augmented reality - consulting and development  
With augmented reality, contextual information is superimposed into the environment thereby providing effective assistance to employees and travellers alike.

3D modelling for 3D real-time applications  
Creation of individual 3D models and possible real-time navigation  
We create detailed computer-aided 3D visualisations for you to "experience" using real-time navigation.