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Engaging Virtual Education

Article: EVE - Interactive 3-D & VR learning applications

New work processes need to be mastered. DB uses Engaging Virtual Education (EVE) to provide practical training with no need for physical learning objects.

Virtual reality (VR) is the representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical characteristics in an interactive virtual environment that is computer generated in real time.*

In order to enable employees to act confidently in complex work processes, DB relies on Engaging Virtual Education (EVE) - a VR framework developed in-house for the creation of learning simulations. EVE enables realistic learning in a virtual world.

Enganging Virtual Education

Companies like Deutsche Bahn have a number of complex work processes for which numerous employees need to be trained. However, training possibilities in real operations are often limited or cause high costs. It is also often not possible to train potentially dangerous situations in a realistic way.

With EVE, your employees learn the steps they need for their work in a virtual environment. This gives them confidence to act - especially in critical situations to which they are not regularly exposed.

Our team has years of experience in the development of 3D and VR learning applications. Together, we analyse your technical work processes and develop effective employee training based on EVE.

What is special about EVE?

The EVE framework provides the elementary functions for VR applications, on the basis of which we create your individual solution. We develop EVE in close cooperation with the users and place particular emphasis on intuitive usability and natural interactions. New functions and tools are continuously integrated into the framework and are available for future projects. 

The EVE framework is distributed with a simple licensing model and can be extended according to customer needs. We support the most common VR glasses and can also create your individual applications as 3D real-time applications for PCs and mobile devices, so that your employees can access the learning content on their existing devices at any time. With integrated solutions, we combine VR and tablet learning applications for maximum learning success.

Your benefits
  • Practical training with no need for physical learning objects
  • Virtual reality glasses with motion detection allow users to assimilate knowledge quickly through learning by doing
  • Less need for physical learning objects and elimination of travel saves time and cost
  • Control via a single button makes operation intuitive
  • Safety-critical situations can be trained with zero risk

EVE Studio

Today, companies use 3D data in many areas, for example for the planning and design of buildings and vehicles or for the illustration of technical components and systems. Until now, these data have mostly been used by a few experts in special applications. Moreover, the data is often only displayed two-dimensionally on monitors.

This can be changed with EVE Studio! With EVE Studio you import your 3D data into a VR environment and configure your own VR application yourself. Explain and present technical facts or plans as if you were on site.

You already use 3D data?

With our EVE Optimizer service, we can prepare them for a VR environment within a very short time.

You would like to use 3D/VR applications but don't have a 3D model?

With our modelling partner, we can easily create VR-capable 3D models for you based on your source data.

*Source: Wikipedia