The world of augmented reality

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The world of AR

AR uses smartphones, tablets or AR smartglasses to superimpose digital objects and information into the user's field of vision

Article: The world of augmented reality

Flexible collaboration from any location: Augmented reality solutions support complex workflows in real time and streamline work processes.

Augmented reality (AR) uses smartphones, tablets or AR smartglasses to superimpose digital objects and information into the user's field of vision. The real environment is enhanced with useful content precisely wherever this information is needed. Augmented reality creates completely new and intuitive opportunities to provide relevant information to customers and employees. 

In recent years, three specific areas of application for augmented reality have emerged at Deutsche Bahn, namely step-by-step instructions, remote assistance, and orientation & navigational aids. 

In the future, travellers will be able to proactively display important and highly personalised information directly at the point of interest, without having to search for it. Similarly, it will be possible to use augmented reality to efficiently guide travellers to their train or seat, customised to their personal needs. 

Moreover, in the future, customers will not only be able to easily, quickly and intuitively read all relevant information about their individual train connection on their own smartphone, but also see the train virtually on the track before it has even arrived. 

Augmented reality can be used to guide maintenance employees through every step of their repair work, with contextual object information instilling in them the confidence to do their job. If assistance from an expert is required at a remote location, he or she can be connected, and any difficulties can be pinpointed and resolved together. Augmented reality therefore supports flexible collaborative work, gives users assurance and also saves a great deal of time and money. 

We have amassed many years of experience from the multitude of projects and pilots we have implemented. Furthermore, our expertise makes us the ideal partner to advise and support you in turning your idea into reality, from conception and design through to integration and implementation. 

Our service portfolio includes: 

  • Market analysis and evaluation of market solutions 
  • Design and development of individual solutions 
  • Implementation of pilots 
  • Support during integration into the DB infrastructure 

Partner for AR solutions within the DB Group 

Across all business units, we are working on a Group-wide augmented reality strategy in which concepts and use cases are being developed and reviewed.