Smart rental of premises in and around the station


Article: Smart rental of premises in and around the station

Rapid, smart, flexible and simple – the perfect recipe for profitable use. The use of smart solutions speeds up and simplifies considerably the processing of renting premises.

Individual, extensive contracts usually have to be signed to rent premises. All of which makes it time-consuming, slow and less profitable. An innovative software solution aims to provide the remedy.

The "Smart rental" solution accelerates temporary rental and, makes on-demand capacity accessible simply and automatically. Digitalising contract management saves time and money. And processes currently conducted manually, such as key handover and admittance, can also be automated.

The first use case for smart rental is the digital marketing of coworking spaces. Here, smart contracts – programmable contracts that can be concluded immediately online – are combined with internet-of-things tools. This way, processes such as opening the rooms and billing can be automated. Another advantage is that access is possible around the clock. At the same time, the solution minimises administrative overheads and the costs.

Other identified use cases for smart rental are event spaces at stations or storage space in the logistics segment.

Smart rental – Clever, rapid, flexible.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of DB Systel.