Smart Energy Marketplace – die Win-Win-Chance


Article: Smart Energy Marketplace – die Win-Win-Chance

Technological progress paves the way for developing all-new, digital business models. Smart analysis and forecast services help optimise planning and decision-making.

One example that illustrates the idea: funding under the Renewable Energy Sources Act scheme for the operator of a photovoltaic system is limited to 20 years. The local power utility may well continue to take the generated electricity – now though at the current, lower exchange price.

Supplying and selling the electricity to a neighbour at a better price therefore makes more sense for the PV system operator. The neighbour receives green electricity from a local source at a lower price than usual in the market. This provides a win-win situation since system operator and consumer trade the electricity without any intermediary. DB Energy intervenes in the set-up in the event of power failures.

PEX – A service that makes electricity trading possible

The Smart Energy Marketplace is a data-driven platform for providing energy management services. A Prosumer Exchange (PEX) is being set up as the first service. The PEX brings together prosumers (producer + consumer) and pure energy consumers that can buy and sell energy optimally on the platform. DB Energy ensures guaranteed liquidity with the PEX in relation to energy on the supply and demand side and also gains an affordable source for green energy.

Supply and demand are brought together on the PEX platform. Where supply exceeds demand, DB Energy intervenes and ensures the electricity is bought at the market price. If demand is higher, DB Energy guarantees the supply.

The advantages for DB Energy

The PEX in the Smart Energy Marketplace opens up a new source for renewable energies. Since energy producers are normally also energy consumers, this creates new customers. Thanks to this innovative approach, DB Energy can position itself in the fiercely competitive end-consumer market and gains new customers in the process. Apart from PEX, DB Energy demonstrates its consulting expertise in relation to energy and offers planners and decision-makers support through data-based services.

Smart Energy Marketplace – The digital energy platform of the future.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of DB Systel.