sQubic - Smart up your business


Article: sQubic - Smart up your business

The existing infrastructure can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) using innovative, easy-to-install sensor technology. The data transferred is used to ensure transparency, more cost-effective use of the infrastructure and more efficient processes.

sQubic, also known as s³, stands for smart sensor services. Our mission is to equip Deutsche Bahn's existing infrastructures with cost-effective, innovative sensor technology wherever possible and appropriate. The goal of our products is to use sensor technology to make our working environment and working processes at Deutsche Bahn more efficient, streamlined and, therefore, cost-effective.

The sQubic team focuses on gathering non-personal (anonymous) sensor data, which we use to develop new ideas. We are open to extrapolating our technologies to completely new areas of application.

To do this, we start by developing prototypes. If a prototype is successful, we develop the idea further in a number of iterations and improve it continuously.

Our products

  • SmartBooking - optimises the use of space in office buildings
  • Smart Counting - An anonymous person-counting system for travel centres or any other type of building or space
  • RDB Button - Re-ordering at the push of a button – for digitalised, local material storage
  • Prototyping - Realise your vision step by step

The advantages of sQubic:

  • Inexpensive installation and low maintenance costs thanks to batteries that last several years
  • Convenient, non-invasive retrofitting of existing infrastructure
  • Data acquisition and processing based on your individual needs

An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.