RiSpE - Efficient checks. Relaxed travel.


Article: RiSpE - Efficient checks. Relaxed travel.

RiSpE helps Deutsche Bahn passengers and train attendants answer outstanding questions. The interactive user interface records and visualises service data in real time, thus taking service to a new level.

Passengers often have questions: Where is my seat? Where is the buffet car? Or is there an "at-seat trolley service"?

And train attendants that have just boarded the train will have their doubts, too: Which tickets have already been checked? What connection information and reservations are there? Do passengers require assistance or do they want any specific services?

A new tool can provide rapid answers to all these questions. It records and validates in real time the service and journey bookings using the comfort check-in or while checking tickets. It shows train attendants the checked-in passengers and is particularly useful when attendants change shifts. A realistic seating plan provides passengers with information on empty seats and shows the relevant boarding position at the station.

The app takes the stress out of travelling for passengers and train crew alike. Once a ticket has been checked on the train there is no need to check it again for the rest of the journey. Connection information and reservations can also be accessed via the data platform.

The plan is for passengers with reduced mobility to receive information on their seat and their presence to be pointed out to the train crew.

RiSpE – Travel data in seat occupancy system in real time.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of DB Systel.