PowerUP! My mental gym


Article: PowerUP! My mental gym

Mental problems and disorders are on the increase. They sap lots of energy from employees and are very costly. A new app aims to strengthen employees' resources.

Information can be useful in preventing mental problems – if we know why something is as it is, we can try a different approach. What's more, psychotherapeutic-oriented exercises can also be used before starting therapy.

The DB Systel Accelerator is currently helping the PowerUP! team from DB Training develop its new app. Its aim is to increase mental strength and improve general well-being.

The exercise app offers a choice of various modules:

  • Optimism and self-efficacy
  • Mindfulness and self-management
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Problem-solving strategies & first aid in crisis situations

The app provides information on harmful habits and offers alternative strategies that promote health. The user is motivated to integrate these strategies long term into their everyday routine and also receives information that can be used in a crisis situation: how and where can I find help? What therapies are available? What do I do until I get treatment?

The advantages of PowerUP!

  • Can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Playful approach makes it fun to use and helps transfer content to everyday situations
  • Increases motivation – employees can check what they have achieved at any time
  • Self-paced – anyone can use the content at their own pace
  • Voluntary before and after tests show personal progress

The app can be used flexibly and has a low entry barrier. This means an early start can be made on the programme, thus sustainably reducing the occurrence of mental problems. The frequency and duration of absences associated with mental health problems are reduced, as well as the associated distress and illness costs. At the same time, the taboo surrounding mental problems and disorders is eliminated.

The new development aims to strengthen employees and enhance their well-being. The in-house development ensures that the product is tailored to the "Deutsche Bahn employees" target group, has a sound conceptual design and is secure from a data privacy perspective. The development is now getting up to speed with the help of the Skydeck Accelerator.

PowerUP!  – a tool that strengthens and motivates Deutsche Bahn employees.