Holo Assist – holographic support with repairs


Article: Holo Assist – holographic support with repairs

With the aid of data glasses that display holograms, technicians will, without any problem, even be able to repair parts they have not come across before.

The mixed reality glasses will provide technicians with specific support for repairs and maintenance as part of their daily routine. The data glasses display animated holograms of the machines and vehicles being repaired or holograms of tools and spare parts, too.

Holo Assist takes technicians step-by-step through even complex repairs on the actual object. They receive all the information they need to complete difficult operations to exacting quality standards. And they can see parts that are obscured from view or normally cannot be identified, virtually with X-ray vision.

Instead of repair instructions learned off by heart, technicians have the right information at their fingertips, provided in detail where it is needed – during the repair itself.

Holo Assist – holographische Unterstützung bei Reparaturen

Some highlights of the assistance system:

  • Hands-free – technicians can carry out a repair using both hands
  • Augmentation - i.e. computer-assisted enhancement -
    of real machinery, vehicles, tools and spare parts
  • Glasses provide specific repair knowledge
  • Enhanced safety and quality
  • No media incompatibilities

Holo Assist makes coffee - one practical use case

Holographic support during the repair is the perfect solution for maintaining coffee machines at DB Long Distance. The glasses show step-by-step instructions and provide support through animated holograms. They show, for instance, the various steps and point out the relevant objects.

Various levels of help are possible: from very detailed, virtually step-by-step, through to selective support for specialised repair steps.

Holo Assist – the third eye for repairs.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of  DB Systel.