GrouByCo – communication guaranteed, no matter what the operating system


Article: GrouByCo – communication guaranteed, no matter what the operating system

In the past, it was not possible to share digital information with multiple devices simultaneously if there was no internet connection or without using mobile data. But now a new type of digital communication is available – developed using Bluetooth mesh technology.

"GrouByCo" is a native app that uses a Bluetooth mesh network to facilitate communication between multiple participants – the members of a tour group, for example – even if their devices run on different operating systems. This app and the technology on which it is based give travellers a low-cost, efficient way of sharing information within their group at any time and from anywhere – they can even do so anonymously if they wish. And all without the need for an internet connection. The app has been designed not only for tour groups, but also families, cycling groups and so on.

GrouByCo can help anywhere where internet is not available. It is also quite conceivable that it could be used in the context of IoT – the networking of machines – or for maintenance and servicing.

The app prototype focuses on the part of the Customer Journey where the passenger actually takes their trip. The travel itinerary is digitalised and made simpler. So groups can link up with one another without using any mobile data, similar to a peer-to-peer connection.

Group members can chat with others in the group either anonymously or identified by their name. The trip leader is able to view the list of participants and check that everyone is present, for example. If a member leaves the group, the other members receive a notification telling them so.

In future, the idea is for other information such as documents to be made available and shared via GrouByCo too. Bluetooth mesh technology is also an ideal back-up solution to cover the period both before and after the trip.

GrouByCo – the new kind of group communication.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of DB Systel.