Early Bird – delivering a decisive information advantage


Article: Early Bird – delivering a decisive information advantage

Early Bird informs DB employees fully and rapidly about the current traffic situation and the relevant Deutsche Bahn events. The tool uses artificial intelligence to optimise the news flow. All of which means much better information for customer support, service and planning.

The majority of Deutsche Bahn customers use social media nowadays. Information that reaches customers online virtually in real time means they are often better informed about events affecting Deutsche Bahn, and the current traffic situation than Deutsche Bahn employees themselves. DB Systel proactively developed a new tool to provide Deutsche Bahn employees with this information quickly. Customer-facing employees, employees in dispatch, and many other customer-related tasks benefit primarily from this early warning system.

Social media analysis service with artificial intelligence

Early Bird allows Deutsche Bahn employees to offer travellers the right solutions faster. Optimised personnel deployment allows the company to respond more efficiently to emerging bottlenecks. New Deutsche Bahn products can also be monitored more effectively in relation to their market acceptance. Deutsche Bahn employees can provide more reliable information on station closures, cancelled trains, flooding, etc. Current reports on route changes and train rerouting reach employees swiftly – before customers ask them about it.

Your benefits with DB Early Bird

  • Faster, better Information
    Early information helps manage your own business unit more effectively
  • The right advice
    An overview of the current situation makes for better advice
  • Image and customer satisfaction
    The prompt news flow ensures better informed and more satisfied customers

Early Bird in detail:

The technology in the background

Social media

In the current pilot phase, Twitter data is being analysed with Early Bird.

The integration

The system can be upgraded so that internal and external third-party systems can be integrated easily. Customised scenarios can thus be implemented.

Artificial intelligence

The system can be trained with any data sources on specific applications.

What information do you need?

The output medium

Early Bird does not have any restrictions in terms of presentation. Depending on your wishes and your use case, various media can be used to output the data. By default, the screen on any BKU workplace, laptop or tablet is used.

Geographic location

The system can display text information from the data channels graphically on maps.

The interface

German is the default system language, with the option of storing user profiles. A map display is integrated.

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