Consulting services for accessibility


Article: Consulting services for accessibility

We develop standards and quick tests for universal access to software applications for the disabled.

Good software stands out by virtue of its universal usability. For the disabled it allows them to play a full part in social life. Systematically implemented accessibility opens up major market potential for businesses.

To implement accessibility in the digital arena too, we are developing jointly applicable standards that ensure your apps are as barrier-free and, in turn, as accessible as possible for everyone.

We also have a quick test that assesses the accessibility of existing applications so we can classify the application and highlight potential areas for action. A detailed appraisal with explicit recommended action rounds off the service portfolio.

In addition, our aim is to set up a network of associations, experts and other stakeholders, which helps conduct efficient user tests with selected representatives of the target Groups.

Join us on the accessibility journey:


Do you have an initial prototype (click dummy) for an application and want to make sure this meets the requirements of good accessibility? Navigation paths, clear layout, sufficient contrast, simple, understandable language… Take advantage of our expertise in the digital Arena.


Accessibility from A to Z. We pass on our knowledge in a concise, well-prepared form that is easy to understand. Legal requirements, WCAG, specific features of the various platforms, test-process design… Benefit from our accessibility knowledge.


We test so you can say with a clear conscience that your portfolio is barrier-free. Quick tests, target group tests, expert tests, test automation… Play it safe with our Expertise.

Digital accessibility services.
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