The bridge inspector service at Deutsche Bahn


Article: The bridge inspector service at Deutsche Bahn

The davAI team combines artificial intelligence with drone operations to provide a fresh look at bridges that are due for inspection with its "Bridge inspector" service.

Currently, bridges are inspected visually by specially commissioned expert assessors on site. In future, the new "Bridge inspector" service will provide state-of-the-art support to inspectors by recording, visualising and automatically synchronising data on the condition of the structure. This eliminates the need for large-scale inspection equipment, saving time and money. 

The components of the bridge inspector:

  • Recording
    Drones provide high-quality photo and video images of the bridge, depicting its entire surface.
  • Analysis
    The photographic and video material is analysed using artificial intelligence specialised in identifying bridge damage, and any damage is identified and classified completely automatically.
  • Visualisation
    The damage is located on a 3D model that can be displayed on a PC or mobile device. You can click directly on the images of damage and add more detailed information.
  • Damage monitoring
    Identified damage is stored for subsequent tracking and the progression of the damage is depicted visually in the 3D model.

In future, it will also be possible to perform live detection and damage monitoring on a tablet during the drone inspection flight. 

The advantages of the bridge inspector:

  • One stop shop: drone deployment including coordination, approvals, analysis and visualisation
  • Shortening/avoidance of bridge closures
  • Digitalisation of the infrastructure
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Cost savings through fast, flexible inspection

davAI – Bridge inspector
An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.