Clever navigation system for stations


Article: Clever navigation system for stations

How do I get to my train as fast as possible? Where can I still quickly buy a train ticket? Have I still got time to buy a coffee and where can I get one? StationNavi provides travellers with the answer to these and many other questions.

Genuine support for travellers looking for services and wanting to get around large stations. StationNavi is the navigation system for reliable, simple orientation in the entire station on all levels.

The app combines personal travel details with train and seat data in real time. It also shows local services and displays these clearly on an interactive station map.

Users can enter their personal preferences on a user-friendly interface. StationNavi then compiles these preferences to create an individual, dynamic and self-optimising route, and displays the route plan including timings.

One practical application of StationNavi is navigating passengers to the train, taking account of real-time data (e.g. platform change, changed coach sequence or faulty lifts in the station).  Moreover, it informs visitors about shops and services in the station.

To use the StationNavi app, users simply need a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet connection. More precise geolocation is possible by enabling the geolocation function

In future, customers will be able choose whether they are navigated in the station visually, or using audio and vibration so they can see everything around them. A range of many other features, such as the personal assistant, which provides suggestions proactively, are on the roadmap and are waiting to be implemented in the app.

StationNavi – Tomorrow's standard, implemented today.
An innovation from the Skydeck Accelerator of DB Systel.