SQUAD – structured information about projects, content and team members


Article: SQUAD – structured information about projects, content and team members

SQUAD helps you search for projects, project goals, technologies, content, team members and unfinished tasks. The system connects structured project information with assigned employees and makes networks in the company visible.

Existing software solutions in the collaboration software market document or promote collaboration within teams. Until now, however, they have failed to provide an overview of all projects while simultaneously establishing links to the employees involved in the projects (skills, project roles and competencies).

SQUAD solves this problem. It improves the quality of data in the company by providing a structured representation of projects and a user journey that focuses on the user. Information on projects and project staff, which to date has only been documented in a rudimentary way in the company or maintained using Word or Excel documents, is now available centrally.

SQUAD provides a standardised point of access to all relevant project information. Important information such as storage directories or information about team members and their roles can be found at standardised locations in the IT application system. In future, you will be able to find team members for projects as well as experts and skills in response to enquiries more quickly and avoid duplicate or redundant activities in the company.

The advantages of the innovative SQUAD solution:

  • Simplifies the search for experts in the company or staff for projects
  • Points out duplicate projects and redundant activities
  • Makes the performance of individual teams in the agile working environment visible
  • Makes the available competencies and skills in the company transparent

SQUAD – all projects and team members at a glance.
An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.