Graffiti-Forensic helps solve the case


Article: Graffiti-Forensic helps solve the case

Graffiti-Forensic is a web-based system that documents graffiti images and stores them in a structured way for subsequent analysis. By comparing similarities between images, possible culprits can be identified, and more targeted preventive interventions can be planned.

Until now, factual information on graffiti-related crimes (e.g. images and intelligence in Excel tables) has been stored locally on various computers by the persons responsible for the information. Some of the intelligence stored in the DB Corporate Security Incidence Database (EDK) is incomplete (no images) and information is lost due to a lack of linkage in the database.

A forensic graffiti database provides a possible solution. A special tool is used to analyse images of graffiti and compare handwriting samples, looking for similarities that could help to identify the perpetrators.

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  • Standardised, Group-wide documentation including image data, uniform situational assessment and supra-regional (national/international) integration and monitoring
  • Central storage and improved structure to facilitate analysis
  • Matching of similarities between handwriting samples in conjunction with factual information
  • Efficient planning of preventive measures (staff, technology, organisation), situation-based control of anti-graffiti measures
  • Reduced incident frequency and minimisation of costs (cleaning, downtime, penalty clauses and so on), improved public Image

An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.