Your visual AR assistant


Article: Your visual AR assistant

Augmented reality on your smartphone. Companion displays selected information directly in the live image on your smartphone, providing information quickly in a way that is intuitive, even for non-experts.

Companion displays digital information in a completely new way: when viewed through your smartphone, the digital information is integrated into the natural environment and becomes visible and tangible. Companion is a personal visual assistant that offers you a comprehensive view of the world, whether in the form of passenger information on the platform, IoT data at the depot or a 3D model on your desktop.

Companion uses augmented reality to display selected information in the live camera image of your smartphone. This allows you to access the information directly without having to perform time-consuming searches. Because the existing infrastructure does not need to be modified in any way, the investment costs are low.

The advantages of Companion:

  • Extensive coverage thanks to a widely used technical platform
  • Intuitive to use – no technical expertise is required
  • Existing information is consolidated
  • Investment costs are kept low by using the existing infrastructure

An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.