Skydeck Innovation Facilitator


Innovation Facilitator

Consulting for digitalisation solutions

Article: Skydeck Innovation Facilitator

Combining innovative forces

To solve complex challenges, it is a good idea to obtain specialist knowledge. This requires discussions with various partners, and it may be necessary to negotiate different contracts with scientific institutes, software manufacturers, start-ups or DB partners. Finding the right people to talk to is time-consuming and costly.

Bundled, innovative specialist knowledge provided by the Skydeck Innovation Facilitator

The Innovation Facilitator combines the Skydeck’s experience, methodological expertise and the internal DB Systel network with an extended network beyond the DB Group. The Skydeck provides consulting services with proven procedural models; they are specially adapted to the challenge. The network consists of experience contracting parties inside and outside of DB. 

By bundling these competencies, the Skydeck is able to turn challenges in the field of digitalisation into solutions. The resulting, validated prototype offers security of action and a procedure that is coordinated with all parties involved.

Customized experience

Of course, everyone determines their own approach to digitalisation. The Skydeck is here to provide consulting. Both programs - the Accelerator and the Facilitator - can be individually adapted to your needs!