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Programs for digitalisation solutions

Article: Our programs...

... provide support for all needs for a higher level of digitalisation and during the development of new ideas and solutions. In the Skydeck Accelerator we accelerate specific ideas from initial impulses to tangible prototypes. With our Skydeck Innovation Facilitator, our qualified Skydeck network can be used to transform business models in a forward-looking manner and according to current digitalisation standards.

Skydeck Accelerator

From the initial impulse to the prototype

Pitch event

Let’s get started! This is where ideas are presented and put to the test by the target audience and jury. If the idea is convincing, it moves forward.


Full speed ahead to the home stretch! Ideas concerning current challenges are developed step by step in the Skydeck Accelerator: real needs are teased out, and then an initial business model is put on its feet. A prototype is jointly developed as a result.

Did you know...

Several years ago, Skydeck united various workshops and established formats to create a professional accelerator. Since 2016, the popular intrapreneurship program has officially stood for the promotion of ideas, joy and boldness within DB. You can find the report from the Skydeck Accelerator’s last birthday here!

Demo Day

It’s getting serious! The results from the Accelerator are presented, and the ideas have to stand their ground again. On Demo Day, potential investors are in the audience so they can take a closer look at the digital thinking. Now it’s time for the ideas to turn things upside down, attract attention and convince important ambassadors! Here is a review of the last Demo Day.

Venture & co.

Was the idea able to win over potential investors at Demo Day? Then nothing is keeping the project from being realised! It’s time for your own venture, project or service!

Are you interested in what has already been developed in the Skydeck? Then simply click on the success stories!

Success stories

When boldness becomes digital innovation

The Skydeck is inspiration, a community and a venue. People jointly develop ideas and bring them out in the open on a large scale. One look at the numerous ventures and success stories will inspire and encourage you to get involved in digitalisation, too!

Venture list: SEMMI, vsion.ai, AIM, AuRa, Big Data, IoT VR, Mobilität Simpel