Robotic process automation – The smart way to reduce your workload

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Just hand over those annoying tasks.

Article: Robotic process automation – The smart way to reduce your workload

Repetitive, simple tasks take up lots of time and are anything but enjoyable. Here the use of software robots quickly pays off. They reduce your employees' workload and release capacity for essential tasks.

Automation and smart, digitally connected systems boost effectiveness massively in industry-related sectors. By contrast, automated processes have hitherto barely been used to provide support in offices. Robotic process automation (RPA) carries out simple, repetitive, rule-based processes much faster, more effectively and with no errors.

Software robots make the working day vastly easier: maintaining lists and databases, checking and transferring files, reporting, modifying data in multiple systems, creating user accounts and much more besides can be fully automated.

One example: a member of the sales staff spends around half of their time updating systems. With the aid of RPA this can be optimised to 80% sales activities and 20% system maintenance.

Certain spheres of responsibility call for constant, timely updating of data – the lack of time, however, means data is often only updated once or twice a day. Here RPA helps by immediately implementing all updates and making sure all authorised users are aware of the changes.

Your benefits from automation:

Rapid scaling and permanent execution – 365 days a year, around the clock (24/7)

Quality Boost
Manual error sources are reduced, system states monitored permanently and defects identified

Business processes are automated, process costs reduced and employee satisfaction increased

Specific use cases for RPA:

  • RPA constantly updates speed restriction sections in a timely fashion without any transfer errors
  • With wagon cleaning, RPA helps provide the updated vehicle data
  • In the call centre, RPA updates standardised entries on customer calls
  • Travel expense billing is completed faster and with no errors using RPA
  • Automated dispatch of reminders saves time and money

Software robots can provide assistance wherever long click paths (up to 300 clicks) are required for simple or moderately complex processes. A clear, rule-based decision-making path is a prerequisite; then the software robot can also complete more complex tasks.

Automation in the software area

Read structured data
  • Internet
  • E-mail
  • Applications
  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF
  • Database
  • API / host applications
Process data
  • Open applications
  • Click buttons
  • Fill in forms
  • Copy & paste
  • Compare data
  • Write data
  • Send e-mails
Take actions
  • Make decisions on the basis of predefined business rules

Discover the new DB Automation Centre

To coordinate the requirements of the DB Group and the departments and as a contribution to the DB2020+ strategy, the DB Automation Center was recently set up, which centrally controls the following RPA activities:

  • Consulting on using software robots in the Group
  • Identification of the potential for automation
  • Provisioning of best practices and experiences with the use of software robots
  • Operation and maintenance on at least one technical platform
  • RPA community for regular knowledge sharing
  • Inductions in design and use of software robots

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