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Article: The Internet of Things speeds up business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the driving forces of digitalisation. It makes machines smarter and processes more productive. It changes the way we work and allows you to create completely new business models.

The Internet of Things is seen today as a key factor for economic success and competitiveness. The transport and logistics sector in particular has reported the largest growth regarding the use of networked technologies.

The market is evolving rapidly, with IoT delivering immediate positive results – not just through increased efficiency, but also through risk control, cost savings, revenue growth and new revenue streams.  

IoT transfers the logic of today's internet for computers to all objects able to communicate. It is a network of "smart objects" that automatically exchange information with each other. Smart objects can be objects such as devices, sensors or other items that have been equipped with IP communication technology.

IoT extends the established, direct communication between two machines (M2M/machine-to-machine) to any number of participants. You can use this to identify any object via its own internet address and target it specifically via the network. Around 8 billion objects are already communicating with each other; by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion.

DB IoT Cloud creates the best conditions

The business-wide DB IoT Cloud is available as a connecting element between your business processes and the physical world of things. It provides the Group with internal and external IoT technologies along the entire digitalisation chain – from individual sensors, actuators or devices to the application and process world. Always with the aim of utilising economies of scale in the Group and gaining competitive advantages, especially in the core business.

With the DB IoT Cloud, IoT offers you much more than networking hardware with the internet does. Add innovative features to your value proposition to stand out from the competition and provide your customers with added value, for example in terms of digital offerings.

In addition, IoT increases the operational efficiency of your own products. Often, just a few percentage points are enough to have a big impact on costs and returns.

Improve the efficiency of your products with the DB IoT Cloud

Areas that become more profitable through the use of IoT
  • Classic and very expensive maintenance
  • Technical faults or faulty components that lead to failures
  • Inefficient operation of your products
  • If there is no or too little information about the use of your products
Benefits that are achieved on the basis of the DB IoT Cloud
  • You can add innovative features to your products
  • You can increase the operational efficiency of your products
  • Ideal for improving the maintenance and servicing of your products
  • In addition to new versions and variants, completely new products are created

Our goal: to become your central contact for IoT projects

To be able to react flexibly to business changes, the DB IoT Cloud allows you to use modular blocks individually or in combination for different projects. The DB IoT Cloud serves as the central technology hub for the secure and flexible integration of internal and external partner technologies and platforms (such as IBM Watson, Siemens MindSphere or GE Predix) via intelligent API control.

The IoT solution can be expanded to meet your needs, enabling independent scaling of individual functionalities. For example, when connecting locomotives and freight wagons to the cloud. DB Cargo's vehicles will gradually be equipped with the necessary technology so that the collected data can reach the cloud.

The value chain of the DB IoT Cloud


The hub provides you with reliable, secure, and bi-directional communication to send and receive thing-based messages between the services in the DB IoT Cloud and the thing in the physical world, uniformly and transparently. It supports flexible messaging patterns that enable scalable, reliable and secure data collection, as well as command and control messages.

Identity and access management

Individual identities and credentials for the connected things are set up to ensure the confidentiality of messages sent into and out of the cloud. You can also revoke access permissions for certain things if necessary to protect the integrity of the system.

Thing lifecycle

This mobile application is for equipping and maintaining physical assets (“things") using IoT technology. The on-site field service receives an effective tool to easily equip and manage things throughout the lifecycle with additional hardware. This includes the first commissioning, a possible modification of the hardware setup, a "health check" and the final decommissioning.

Thing management

All connected things – for example locomotives, freight wagons, conveyor systems such as lifts and escalators, clocks, waste containers, and many more – can be remotely maintained, updated and managed. Physical properties can be requested remotely and managed centrally, and configuration changes can be transferred over the air to the thing.

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