Using computer intelligence to enhance human skills

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Artificial Intelligence

The technology that opens up countless possibilities

Article: Using computer intelligence to enhance human skills

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a fad. AI is the future. This technology opens up endless possibilities in terms of using data more efficiently, refining processes and developing new business models.

In future, Deutsche Bahn's infrastructure must be utilised better, whilst still fulfilling stringent quality requirements. This makes the use of artificial intelligence simply unavoidable. AI is the key factor when it comes to making the railway an even more attractive and efficient prospect.

Over the coming years, elements of AI will be incorporated into practically every single digital process – for optimising maintenance, damage detection and servicing work, for example, or for providing passengers with real-time information.

What could be improved by making digital enhancements in your business unit and what potential is there just waiting to be tapped? Make the most of our expertise to get your unit fit for the future.

What we offer in terms of AI

  • Advice: You want your business processes to benefit from the advantages of AI, but do not know how to achieve this? You want to find out whether your needs can be met using AI? You need the range of strategic/technical advisory services available in the Skydeck.
  • Expertise: From the initial consultation to implementation, our AI professionals have a wealth of AI expertise and will be with you every step of the way.
  • Implementation: Our AI teams know all about the latest technologies available on the market, as well as how and where to use them to best effect. We will also help you to integrate and implement AI services and projects.
  • Networking: Are you already familiar with our AI-Community? Get together with experts and users and connect with others within the Group who are interested in AI.

AI solutions in play at Deutsche Bahn

AI projects run by DB Systel are already making a major contribution in many areas of Deutsche Bahn:

Text and voice control solutions
  • Multilingual, scalable and learning AI concierge solutions to support customers 24/7 and relieve service agents from simple requests (SEMMI)
  • In cross-border traffic, train drivers can communicate with their border colleagues safely and almost in real time without having to speak their national language (KITT)
Image, video and text mining solutions
  • Detect snow on the track and deploy a clearing team (
  • Anonymise people automatically to comply with data protection regulations (
  • Analyse flows of people for various purposes (
  • DocR converts different file types (e.g. photos, scans, PDF) by using OCR (optical character recognition) and extracts relevant information
  • Text mining of social media data in real-time in context of mobility (EarlyBird)
Acoustic analysis

Our teams regarding AI will help you to identify where there is potential to incorporate AI in your business unit and to translate that into concrete results.

Discover the incredibly wide scope that AI can cover.

What can we do for you? Get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you.