Transformation – the future of rail operations lies in digital transformation

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Article: Transformation – the future of rail operations lies in digital transformation

The potential provided by digital transformation will result in long-term changes to the strategy, structure, culture and many processes of the Deutsche Bahn Group. This transformation opens up completely new business options but also demands a new way of thinking throughout the Group.

Digital transformation is a continuous change process motivated by the increasing use of digital technologies. It is picking up speed in response to a dynamic increase in the number of new digital technologies, which has resulted in new digital business models and value chains.

As the digital partner of the DB Group, we want to help Deutsche Bahn move the digital future by replacing ineffective systems with new dynamic systems and combining competitive IT and business for its end customers. We are transforming the current portfolio while addressing innovative trends. And it goes without saying that we comply with the highest possible IT standards and security requirements while doing so.

You profit from our solid IT and rail expertise at every stage of the transformation process and can depend on a future-oriented partner that will work with you to develop the best solution to meet today's digital challenges.


To keep pace with all the disruptive changes taking place, flexible IT structures, such as those currently offered by the cloud, are essential. You can find cloud services that are affordable and tailored to your needs, and (most importantly) you can access them quickly. As part of the ShapeIT programme, for example, the application systems operated by DB Systel are migrated to the cloud and software development is based on predominant use of cloud-based services. In view of all of this, we entered into partnership with Amazon and are now a certified AWS Managed Service Partner. In the interests of the Group, we also plan to integrate additional providers.

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Cyber security

The challenges faced by companies in terms of IT security and secure operations have grown continuously in recent years and continue to do so as a result of digitalisation. DB Systel is developing the strategy and technology required to provide the appropriate level of protection. Besides the usual technological IT security measures, our portfolio also offers secure software development, comprehensive security consulting and much more.

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Digitalisation places new requirements on developing and operating software to respond faster to market changes. In addition, workflows need to be adapted to these new challenges.

With DevOps we develop and operate services in standing, agile teams in the cloud to shorten radically our time-to-market cycles. In this way, the benefits relate first and foremost to the faster delivery of features, greater value added, increased flexibility, quality and security.

For us this means specifically:

  • Agile DevOps teams assume responsibility for an application's entire life cycle
  • Independent services reduce dependencies between the teams
  • Cloud computing delivers flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Automation leads to stable, repeatable and high-quality workflows in the DevOps process

As such, we respond to the speed in the market without losing sight of quality requirements. As the Deutsche Bahn digitalisation partner, we see DevOps as a necessary part in fulfilling Deutsche Bahn's digitalisation strategy.

Here you will find further information on the DevOps Community.

System integration

Digitalisation involves more complex requirements today than it did just a few years ago. These include an expectation of continuous availability across multiple platforms. Because digitalisation involves the integration of very different services and includes products and services from third parties, all components must be mutually compatible. Ideas must be rapidly implemented as solutions and must generate added value for Deutsche Bahn straight away.

The "DB Systel Business Hub" fulfils all these requirements. It is a platform business model that you can use to design your ideal solution from the services available in no time at all.

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Legacy modernization

What was once "legacy modernisation" is now "digital transformation". The new approach goes far beyond a strict focus on IT to include an understanding of our customers' business processes. DB Systel is more than just a consulting company: it also provides all the resources required to implement the selected solution and accompanies Deutsche Bahn on its transformation journey, from start to end.

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