Not just IT, but culture change

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Article: Not just IT, but culture change

We provide clarity and transparency for DevOps within Deutsche Bahn and are helping shape the project business of tomorrow.

Digitalisation places new requirements on developing and operating software to respond faster to market changes. In addition, workflows need to be adapted to these new challenges.

With DevOps we develop and operate services in standing, agile teams in the cloud to shorten radically our time-to-market cycles. In this way, the benefits relate first and foremost to the faster delivery of features, greater value added, increased flexibility, quality and security.

On the way to digitalisation and in the transformation to agile teams, the DevOps Community provides the first port of call for all questions regarding the cloud, agile teams, automation and suchlike. The Community aims to provide clarity and transparency on the issue of DevOps and to help shape the project business of tomorrow. We exchange ideas about current problems across project boundaries and work on common solutions.


Once a month in various formats (expert talk, Bar Camp, DevOps breakfast in the lean coffee format) in Frankfurt, Berlin or Erfurt.


As a DB employee, you can reach us via our DB Planet page.