DB Open Data / DB Hackathons

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DB Open Data / DB Hackathons

We find new solutions in open data sets

Article: DB Open Data / DB Hackathons

With one click into open data records you can improve data quality and further develop services.

On the platform data.deutschebahn.com, programmers and developers can access and reuse open data records with just one click. The offering ranges from platform and lift data to the directory of operating locations and the route network to data about Flinkster and Call a Bike.

The portal is being continually expanded at data.deutschebahn.com/apis, for instance through the release of various application programming interfaces (APIs). Developers are given the opportunity to perform analyses, program applications or develop new software solutions for the customer based on the data. This opening aims to improve data quality and further develop services. The platform is developed in close cooperation with the Open Data Community.


We meet for hackathons and workshops several times a year in different places, such as at DB mindbox, DB Skydeck and DB Museum.