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Multifaceted options for honing your skills

Article: Multifaceted options for honing your skills

Our goal is to create an environment in which our employees are given an opportunity to quickly keep up with how the world is changing.

We create the best conditions for an exciting and successful working life with interesting tasks and innovative projects. And HR development officers continually provide both employees and managers with more and more opportunities for continuing professional and personal development. The rapid technological advances in the ICT industry in particular mean that lifelong learning is simply vital. Our long-term, future-oriented, high-quality qualification programmes support advanced professional, social and personal training.

The route DB Systel is taking to achieve self-organising network structures is also resulting in new ways to work. Our employees now increasingly have the opportunity to learn more about agile techniques. Skills such as self-reflection and individual responsibility are more important than ever and we are naturally encouraging development in this direction.

In addition to the classic seminars, specific programmes for employees groups are scheduled. These include the Project Management Academy (PMA), the Systel Consulting Academy (SCA) and training courses in today's hot-button topics in the IT sector, including cloud and IT security.

A common way to boost skills is to apply for internal Systel tasks or concrete positions. The skill marketplace allow you to quickly find suitable challenges by matching your skills with those that are required.

Our scholarship programme is aimed at especially talented employees with great development potential. They have the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor's or Master's degree as they work – provided that they show initiative and a high level of motivation.