Enjoy the perks of working for Deutsche Bahn

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What we can offer you

Our benefits package

Article: Enjoy the perks of working for Deutsche Bahn

Great results at work deserve commensurate recognition, which is why we offer new hires a competitive salary (based on collective bargaining).

Most of our employees have unlimited contracts and secure jobs, and a whole range of benefits rounds out their pay packages:

  • Company pension plan and insurance opportunities with our partner DEVK, capital-forming payments
  • Free and discounted travel on regional and long-distance transport (for family members as well)
  • DB Reisemarkt with shopping discounts and travel offers
  • Leisure and relaxation facilities (Bahnsozialwerk/railway staff social services)
  • Family support service (AWO), e.g. help when looking for day care centres for children
  • Catering facilities and free drinking water
  • Supplementary unpaid leave: up to 42 days off
  • Flexibility regarding working hours and location; trust-based working hours
  • Annual bonus based on company performance

Our employees’ health and wellbeing is of central importance to us. We live in an era of digitalisation, Work 4.0 and greater personal responsibility, making it all the more important that we safeguard our employees’ wellbeing and lead by example in the field of health awareness. In line with this ethos, we have created a wide range of health-focused activities:

  • In-house initiatives such as health courses and workshops, check-ups, assessments
  • Annual campaigns that provide staff with inspiration, encouragement, tips and support
  • Escape room-style courses and team-building to promote wellbeing in our shared workplaces
  • Sport and fitness offerings, health training and coaching from our business partners (VDES, Bahn BKK)