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We live diversity. We love diversity.

Article: We live diversity. We love diversity.

Internationality, equality, mixed generations: as part of our diversity management, we bring together a vibrant blend of different ways of thinking, mentalities, experiences and technical expertise.

Our human resources strategy always follows the principle of equality: we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whether based on age, gender, origin or otherwise. We strive, in
particular, to increase our percentage of female employees.

Cultural diversity as well as an appreciative attitude and appropriate manners we consider the key to success – for both business partners and employees alike: As an ICT provider of Deutsche Bahn, we operate in all business units of Deutsche Bahn AG and its subsidiaries.

Internationality is increasingly shaping our business, whether at our customers DB Arriva
and DB Schenker Logistics, in our project business with India or at DB Systel UK.

We employ people from more than 80 nations. This has a positive impact on not only our day-to-day operations but also our international customer relations. This togetherness forms the basis for an open, partnership corporate culture that practices tolerance and humanity, establishes a spirit of trust and offers personal development opportunities.

Career with children
Our "Karriere mit Kindern" (career with children) programme supports current and future managers with children on their career paths. Group-wide interim management helps parents to bridge their time away and supports them in their return to work.

Generation mix
The generation mix in our workforce enriches professional life, promotes mutual learning and
enables all employees to benefit from working together.