We love diversity. We want to tell you why we value it and how we promote it.

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We love diversity

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Article: We love diversity. We want to tell you why we value it and how we promote it.

Diversity, equal opportunities and the awareness that we are all different are very important to us at DB Systel. This ethos gives our employees the chance to develop their potential. They draw on their differing backgrounds to create IT solutions for DB, solutions that take our customers’ differing needs into account.

Our understanding of diversity 

Diversity is the combination of different characteristics, some visible, some invisible. Collectively known as dimensions of diversity, they include personality, age, gender, sexual identity, ethnic background, religion, the presence or not of a disability. Other frequently named factors include social background, qualifications, physical appearance, lifestyle, roles and working styles within a company.  

How we approach it 

We concentrate on what connects people, not what separates them. We are open to new things, and we avoid making generalisations. We do not tolerate discrimination, something that is strengthened by national and international laws, as well as by the Group works agreement and DB’s Code of Conduct. 

The benefits of diversity 

People who feel secure can express themselves openly and honestly, engage in sharing ideas and information, and take a constructive view of difference and ambiguities. If we want to be in a position to address our customers’ tremendous range of requirements and create a spectrum of solutions, we need to understand that diversity of opinion and viewpoints is an advantage. One that we already possess. It improves the quality of our work and, by extension, leads to greater customer satisfaction.

How we promote diversity 

We actively work towards creating equal opportunities within our company.  Here are some of our measures for encouraging an open, inclusive culture at work that values diversity:  

  • Diversity workshops, courses and coaching for individuals and teams 
  • Diversity events to promote sharing ideas and learning together 
  • Diversity campaigns that give the topic visibility, stimulate discussions and raise awareness 
  • Active application of diversity-focused activities in committees, initiatives, communities and projects