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Open cooperation is the only track to success

Article: Open cooperation is the only track to success

Our open corporate culture puts idea management into practice to involve our employees actively in what we do. Feedback process and flexible working models assure mutual respect and balance career and family.

Our employees meet each other on equal footing, bolstered by feedback and communication. We identify new ideas for improving working conditions and ways to work together through periodic employee surveys. The results of the surveys are then translated into team workshops and regularly monitored.

The annual employee performance review between employees and their managers is characterised by mutual feedback and reflects personal goals and development prospects. Our competency wheel guides the conversation by mirroring your personal skills.

Pursuit of your ideas is very important to us. This is why we are always open to proposals and suggestions via our idea management. In Skydeck - the creative heart of DB Systel - every employee has the opportunity to put his/her ideas into practice on his/her own initiative.

We offer our employees remuneration models in line with market requirements under the company collective bargaining agreement. We place a special focus on balancing family and working life. We provide all employees with the option to work flexibly in terms of both location and schedule. Our offer doesn't stop there, however. Both teamwork and acceptance among your colleagues contribute to an even balance between family and career.

You'll recognise our enterprise values in how Systelians work every day: curious, productive, there for each other and reliable.