Success is shaped by people

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Corporate culture

Self-responsibility and individual development – that is what makes us special

Article: Success is shaped by people

As Deutsche Bahn’s digital partner, DB Systel is active in a dynamic and highly complex area of business. We believe that the mobility of the future will be defined by digitalisation and shaped by people.

Within our company, we use agile working methods and self-organising teams that collaborate within company-wide networks. This gives us the flexibility to explore options and make steady, step-by-step progress towards solutions. These new ways of working require staff to treat each other as equals and demonstrate personal responsibility. We encourage this in different ways, for example by dividing management tasks between three different roles in a team.

You can find out more about our corporate culture and our human image here:

In today’s world, the ability to adapt is one of the most important skills, and it is vital for success. This is why learning from one another is so important to us. We use communities and meetups to share ideas and information, and we grow and develop every day thanks to the agile methods we use.

It is our employees who shape our success. We want to make sure they can put their ideas to work, which is why we created our Skydeck (link:, the creative heart of DB Systel. The initiative of our employees has already led to the creation of many successful business models. Further information is available here:

“This time is yours”: trust-based working hours and flexibility with regard to where and when our employees can work mean that they can fulfil all of their roles, both professional and personal, to the best of their capacity.