Starting work while studying

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Internships, working-student roles or thesis work

DB Systel offers so many opportunities in tandem with your studies

Article: Starting work while studying

Are you in the middle of your studies and would like to gain some initial work experience? Do you also want to apply what you’ve learned on your academic course?

When you join us, you’ll be involved our current projects and the improvements we’re making from day one. We treat students as equals as we give them the opportunity to learn how a major corporation operates. You’ll get to work on essential projects covering topics such as strategic planning and technical analysis, agile software development, operations and optimisation.

DB Systel offers students a host of different ways to start out on their careers:


You want to learn about the workings of a major corporation and show us just what you can do.

During the course of your internship (min. 3 months), you will be assigned to one of our ICT projects. Depending on the focus of your studies, you will work in the fields of software development, software architecture, test management, IT consulting, IT project management or IT sales.

Benefits for interns:

  • The DB StudentsClub creates a network for interns that extends throughout DB. To help you make the contacts you need, we organise events such as lunchtime meetings or get-togethers with your peers.
  • You can attend presentations about career openings at Deutsche Bahn and take part in workshops and excursions.

In addition to remuneration in line with current market conditions, contracts can also include discounts on commuter tickets as a bonus (based on position). Holiday entitlement is based on the length of your internship, regardless if you have opted for voluntary work experience or it is a compulsory component of your course. Naturally, you will also have a feedback meeting and receive a letter of reference upon completion of your time with us.

Working students:

You want to do more than just look: you want to get stuck in.

Working students spend a minimum period of 6 months with us. From the moment you join, you will gather invaluable hands-on experience by actively participating in our daily activities for up to 20 hours a week.

Parallel to your STEM course, you will help our teams to complete their latest ICT projects. You will be able to apply and increase the expertise you already possess in a way that concentrates on practical issues.

Another team member will be your contact while you are with us, and we will also hold feedback discussions with you on a regular basis.

Thesis phase

You don’t just want to photocopy files: you want to get your career going.

When it comes to the completing your STEM course with a flourish, DB Systel can help you in two ways: by supporting you with your thesis and/or proposing an appropriate topic.

If you’ve already found a suitable subject for your Bachelor’s, Master’s or diploma thesis, why not get in touch with us? We are always interested in providing practical support to thesis students whenever possible.

Candidates should have achieved good or excellent grades during their studies and have gained practical experience in a specialist area.  Choosing a topic will be much easier if you have completed an internship with us or a similar company.

If you like to hear more about how we can help you, contact us via e-mail at Include your application documents in full and a proposal that describes in detail the content of your planned thesis.  Tell us where you would like to work and the time period you have in mind. We will then look for a suitable placement at a unit that will support your work.

Sounds interesting? If so, use our careers portal to send us your application documents in full, stating your preferred period, area of study and location.