Our vocational training courses are the key to your future



Exciting IT vocational training programmes are waiting for you

Article: Our vocational training courses are the key to your future

Have you finished school and been thinking about a career in IT? Our IT specialist training will make you fit for the future.

Have you left school, or are about to do so, and are interested in an IT career? You want a secure job, but you also want the flexibility and relaxed atmosphere of a start-up? Great! That means DB Systel is the perfect place for you. We can offer you just what you’re looking for: you’ll be part of DB’s family and enjoy all of the benefits that a major corporation provides, but at DB Systel, you can expect a modern working environment with flat hierarchies and agile, self-organising ways of doing things. At Skydeck, our innovation lab with that special start-up feeling, we are always working on new ideas that help drive digitalisation forward at Deutsche Bahn. Sounds exciting? Then take your first steps on a promising career by signing up for vocational training with us – one of Germany’s leading names in ICT solutions and Deutsche Bahn’s partner for digital solutions.

DB Systel can currently offer you a choice of three career paths: IT specialist for system integration, IT specialist for application development, and IT systems manager. In Germany, vocational training is overseen by IHK, the authority for the country’s chambers of commerce. It is reorganising the training system and has created a new name for the IT systems manager course to underscore its focus. DB Systel will also offer two new options as of summer 2021: IT specialist for digital networks, and IT specialist for data and process analysis. Each training programme is 3 years in length, but high-achieving participants may be able to complete theirs faster.  Courses kick off on 15 August with an event to welcome all of our new vocational trainees and students.

Students can pick one of our three main bases as the location for their course – Frankfurt, Berlin or Erfurt (see overview). We tailor our training and degree offerings to respond to company requirements, so the range of courses can vary from year to year. We therefore recommend that you have a look at DB’s careers page to see what positions are currently on offer. It will show you where places are still available, and you can submit an application without further ado.

* On offers as of 2021

What do the courses entail?  
Vocational trainees alternate approximately every three months between classroom learning at their vocational schools and work at our offices, creating a balance between theory and practice. During the practical phase, specialists from different fields teach and mentor our trainees, who receive detailed feedback after completing each training block.  We also provide each participant with additional theoretical and practical learning opportunities that are tailored to their personal profile and round out what they get at their vocational schools and within our company. Besides theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our vocational trainees also acquire social and methodical competencies. These include environmentally friendly and economical thinking, customer focus, an ability to work independently and team spirit.

What do IT specialists do?

IT specialists’ work covers a broad spectrum.

  • System integration experts study, design and implement information and telecommunications technology plans. They incorporate specialist requirements into complex hardware and software systems, and they also monitor IT systems and networks in their roles as administrators. They can work in a wide range of fields, including cloud environments and IT security. Providing customers with consultancy services is another possible activity.
  • In the field of application development, they collaborate in software design projects and introduce new or modified IT and telecommunications systems. Testing plays a key role here. They also design and create customer-specific software applications.
  • Digital networking entails focusing on network infrastructures and the interface points between network components and cyber-physical systems. IT specialists connect and automate applications, and they are experts in optimising digital processes and smart products.
  • Data and process analysis professionals develop IT solutions for digital production and business processes. They focus on assessing large quantities of data (“big data”) and maintaining data availability, quality and volumes.

What does an IT systems manager do?

IT systems managers oversee projects for installing or upgrading IT and telecommunications infrastructures. They provide customers with ICT solutions and work in different fields such as application operation management, project business and product sales. They also create sector-specific analyses based on customers’ IT requirements. Day-to-day work consists of the management and administration of IT systems and environments. IT managers are also marketing experts for IT services.

What do we look for in candidates?
Nobody can be expected to possess every skill and all of the knowledge needed for a job. Our vocational training courses are designed to equip you in the best possible manner for different professions.  However, we do expect certain things from you in advance. You need to be interested in the activities we have described, and you should have an affinity for cutting-edge technology, computer science and programming. You know how to learn in a way that helps you make progress. Teamwork is crucial to us, and it should be for you as well. In addition to your good school-leaving grades, you have a proven aptitude for maths, computer science, technical topics and abstract thinking, as these will help you with your class-based courses and different tasks at DB Systel. What if you are unsure about the path you want to take? Doing an internship might help you find out if a given job is right for you. Further information is available here.

What do we offer our vocational trainees?
In addition to a stimulating, future-focused training course, we also offer good pay, a host of perks such as a travel pass, free travel, rent support and career development options in the form of seminars and workshops. You are guaranteed a position at Deutsche Bahn once you finish your course. Being part of our company opens up a host of career development prospects for you.

Does this sound interesting? If so, then send us an application. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
DB’s careers page contains a list of current openings and other information about vocational training courses. Click here for details about the application and selection procedures. Would you like to learn more about DB Systel and Deutsche Bahn? Trade fairs and other events are the perfect opportunity to meet us in person. All the dates are listed on DB’s event page.

Are you more interested in DB Systel’s cooperative education programmes that let you combine professional training and an academic degree? Further information is available here.