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Degree course or vocational training? Theory or practice? Why not both?


Article: Degree course or vocational training? Theory or practice? Why not both?

You have your school leaving certificate under your belt and are wondering whether vocational training or a degree course would be right for you. With a cooperative Bachelor's degree course at DB Systel, you can combine the benefits of both options and look to the future with confidence.

You have your leaving certificate from your school or vocational school under your belt and are wondering whether vocational training or a degree course would be right for you. With a cooperative Bachelor's degree course at DB Systel, you can combine the benefits of both options and look to the future with confidence. On a cooperative course, you gain practical experience in a specific field and obtain an internationally recognised Bachelor's qualification in just a short period of time. The periods of theory and practice alternate approximately every three months and facilitate immediate use of newly acquired knowledge and skills. It is not possible to shorten the course of study.

DB Systel currently offers three courses. Studies in Business Informatics and Computer Science can be undertaken at any of our three sites in Frankfurt, Berlin and Erfurt. Education in theoretical principles is delivered at Berufsakademie Rhein-Main in Rödermark, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim, or Berlin School of Economics and Law. Our Digital Media course is only available in Frankfurt and is conducted in partnership with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim. Courses always begin on 1 October of each year. In mid-August, Welcome Days for all new vocational trainees and cooperative education students take place as part of a two-week internship.

Business IT specialist

Business IT specialists are the interface between communication and information management and realise economic processes in the field of information technology. As a business IT specialist, you examine company workflows and analyse the effectiveness, security and cost-effectiveness of IT systems, for example. Your activities range from planning and conceptual design to programming and implementation through to the support and maintenance of new software and systems.

IT specialist

IT specialists help develop, analyse and configure complex software systems and perform software engineering tasks. Possible fields include application consulting, quality assurance, IT security, system administration, software development, testing and project management.

Digital media

Undertaking the Digital Media course with a focus on Media Publishing and Design, media designers are our experts for digital information resources. Fields include IT architecture and programming special software solutions, project management, customer consulting and support, planning, designing and manufacturing non-print-based products and productions, marketing, profitability analyses, as well as legal aspects and contractual matters.

What do we expect from you as a prospective cooperative education student? 

In addition to a school (or vocational school) leaving certificate, you will have an affinity for maths, computer science, physics or business studies as well as a sound ability to grasp technical concepts and a capacity for abstract thinking. We also expect an independent, structured approach to work as well as open-mindedness and team skills. A high level of personal dedication as well as mobility and flexibility are essential prerequisites. A good command of both English and German is required for all three cooperative education courses.

At DB Systel, our cooperative education students are selected, trained and given permanent positions based on the company's needs at that time. The practical phases of the programme focus on applying, implementing and consolidating theoretical knowledge in vocational situations. You will work as part of specialist departments and learn how to tackle important tasks and processes. You will be given more responsibility as your studies progress. A specialist in your field will provide you with instruction and support during your work. Junior employees receive regular feedback from their supervisors, particularly after they have completed each practical phase.

We offer excellent chances of a permanent position as well as various opportunities for professional development once your studies are complete (such as the Master's grant, awarded specifically to our internal Bachelor's graduates). We believe that it is important for you to gain not only technical expertise and practical skills, but also social and methodological competencies.

Throughout the cooperative programme, we offer attractive salaries and numerous social benefits such as travel discounts and rent subsidy, and we support personal development through seminars and workshops, for example.

For more information about our study courses and the latest vacancies, visit the careers portal of the Deutsche Bahn website.You can find information on the application and selection process here.