Realising software projects on a freelance basis

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Freelance work for DB Systel

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Article: Realising software projects on a freelance basis

DB Systel is the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn and provides services in the different phases of software projects, also with the support of freelance staff.

Cooperation with contractual partners

In close cooperation with our customers, the tasks during the different phases of our software projects generally span from design (technical concept) to implementation and acceptance as well as subsequent operation and maintenance/further development. In order to execute projects, we also cooperate with a range of contractual partners who have been selected during a number of EU-wide calls for tenders.

Free competition

If cooperation with a contractual partner is not possible, we advertise the services for public tender on the Einkaufsplattform (purchasing platform) of Deutsche Bahn. These jobs are made available to freelancers.

If you are interested in working for DB Systel on a freelance basis, you can view current jobs on the purchasing platform of Deutsche Bahn. Simply access the platform as a guest to find out more. You can view all public jobs without logging on.