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Motivated employees enhance company performance

In our approach to personnel management, an open corporate culture, idea management, flexibility and work-life balance have long been common practice.

We promote an open corporate culture and highly value internal communication and idea management. This includes being open for improvements and innovations at all times. Regular employee surveys also enable us to gather new ideas. Once the surveys have been evaluated, we implement the resulting ideas and monitor them routinely.

Our staff members enjoy competitive salary packages with individual performance-based remuneration. An annual employee appraisal is carried out with the respective manager to discuss topics such as the performance of each employee, the achievement of personal goals and individual development prospects.

We place a special focus on balancing family and working life. Flexible working time models with individual part time work and sovereignty of time are very popular. Work-life balance programmes and an unproblematic approach to returning from periods of absence or career breaks are also what we offer our employees. Furthermore, there is the option of reducing work time by three hours on full pay from the age of 55. An employee's working life can even be reduced depending on the time credit.