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Thesis: motivation for your final phase of studies

When it comes to the crowning glory of your STEM studies, DB Systel can help you in two ways: by supporting you with your thesis and/or providing you with appropriate topics.

Have you already found a suitable topic for your Bachelor's, Master's or degree dissertation? Feel free to contact us. Where possible, we support students with their theses as an industry partner. You should already have good or excellent grades in your studies and have gained practical experience in a specialist area. In fact, choosing a topic can be even easier for those who have completed an internship with us or a similar company.

Please send us all your application documents and a proposal that describes in detail the content of your planned thesis. Please also state your preferred working location and your thesis completion period. We will then aim to find the most suitable specialist department to support you.

If you are still looking for an appropriate topic, we regularly advertise research topics for thesis students. These might just include something for you. Why not take a look and submit your application.