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Cooperative education programme in Digital Media

With the Digital Media cooperative education programme in the discipline of "Media Publishing and Design", media designers are our experts for digital information resources.

This course of studies covers the competences of basic knowledge in the field of digital media, basics of informatics and technology, economics and media design. In addition, media products such as films, videos, web applications, social networks etc. are designed and realized. These include designing films, videos and web applications, as well as positioning digital sales strategies.

Fields include the areas of IT architecture and programming special software solutions, project management, customer consulting and support, planning, designing and manufacturing non-print-based products and productions, marketing, profitability analyses as well as legal aspects and contractual matters.

Partner universities for the theory phases

We offer the Digital Media course of studies in cooperation with our partner university, DHBW in Mannheim. Details about the content of the "Media Publishing and Design" course are available on the university's website (in German only):