More service and quality through new technologies


Article: More service and quality through new technologies

Travel no longer just means getting from A to B. Digitalisation and new technological trends open up a variety of ways to provide travellers with modern solutions and state-of-the-art service.

Passenger traffic is transforming, with the offering of new services becoming increasingly important. Here it is important to provide intelligent solutions in good time to meet the demands of travellers in the future as well. These include technologies that, on the one hand, make the itinerary as convenient as possible for the traveller and, on the other hand, optimise the internal operational processes in the DB Group.

DB Systel bundles a large part of the DB Group’s IT services in regional and local passenger transport and long-distance passenger transport within Germany and internationally. The Passenger Transport division comprises the business units DB Long Distance, DB Regio, DB Arriva and the DB Sales service centre.

Our IT developments are already supporting transport of several million passengers per day on trains across Europe. Therefore, we ensure the technical realisation of systems such as passenger information, ticket sales, mobile maintenance and many other services. Together with our customers, we develop the latest technologies, which offer travellers more service and quality for their itinerary, while also supporting the internal processes of Deutsche Bahn. It is important to us to meet the demand for intelligent and simple products and services - for both the traveller and our customer.

Application examples of successful projects in passenger transport:

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  • From Copenhagen to Vienna with just one ticket
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  • Top Entertainment on the ICE Portal
    In addition to pure internet access, travellers on trains of DB Fernverkehr have access to a wealth of media content, reports, audiobooks, fun games and videos, such as the German news ("Tagesschau") (more)
  • The app for more punctuality
    How to improve service and quality for travellers with the PlanStart app (more)
  • Tablet instead of paper
    With the DIVA project, smart devices for optimising workflows and processes are networked and the digitalisation strategy of Deutsche Bahn is driven forward together with SAP (more)
  • Mobile learning with virtual reality
    For training purposes, mobile 3D simulations are used as a learning application to interact with new technologies (more)