Technologies for modern railway operation



Ensuring reliable and optimally used railway infrastructure

Article: Technologies for modern railway operation

Railway infrastructure is the basis of Deutsche Bahn's competitive edge. Therefore, solutions that allow optimum use of free capacity and better punctuality are essential.

Smooth rail operation and a modern network infrastructure require solutions that ensure a reliable and optimally used infrastructure. As a digital partner of the DB Group, our IT developments provide solutions for the longest rail network and the largest station manager in Europe. We support the digitalisation of timetables and operations. In addition, we are developing innovative solutions for the business of tomorrow with one of Germany's largest energy suppliers.

Together with our customers of DB Netze Track, DB Netze Stations and DB Netze Energy, we define, design and operate future-oriented applications based on our many years of experience and cooperation. In this way, we help to increase network capacity, thus optimising the quality of route requests. In addition, we provide travellers with increased punctuality and better service at the station. With our state-of-the-art solutions, we are contributing to the energy transition, supporting the improvement of energy efficiency and thus the achievement of the DB Group’s CO2 Targets.

Application examples of successful projects in infrastructure:

  • Multifunctional displays
    In 2016, more than 2,000 multifunctional displays were installed at around 150 passenger stations, each providing information on the next three departures, including any deviations and track changes.
  • Message function
    An automatic message function monitors around 2,000 lifts and about 1,000 escalators remotely and provides live information about their condition.
  • „Click & Ride“
    As a technical implementation partner, we are developing the "Click & Ride" app together with DB Netz AG. The aim of this is better illustration of routes and rails and thus optimum utilisation of routes, faster connections for freight traffic, as well as booking of routes, including the appropriate schedule time, in just a few minutes. 
  • "Green function" train movement control
    Driving recommendations save energy, ensure smooth rail operation and improve punctuality. A cloud component developed by us provides the technical background and ensures the a "green wave" on the route.
  • "Integrated scheduling core system"
    Together with DB Netz AG, we are developing a new train scheduling system for the operations centres. The new IT system enables a network view for the whole of Germany, as well as network forecasting, and thus improved punctuality.