Agile Round Table

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Agile Round Table

Talks by internal and external speakers

Article: Agile Round Table

We discuss topics like collaboration, Agile, Scrum, Kanban and transparency.

The Agile Round Table is an informal meeting for beginners, those with more experience and old hands, or just anyone with an interest. We discuss the topic of agility in general, exchanging our experiences of implementing it. Other questions about agility are welcome.

Agile Round Table (classic)

Let yourself be inspired by talks by internal and external speakers. The focus is on consumption and networking. To lighten the mood, there will also be some small breakout sessions and warm-ups.

ART Expert Talk

This session is aimed primarily at experts and practitioners. Normally, after a short introduction we discuss a specific topic together in a "lean coffee fish bowl" exchange. We ask you to contribute your own experiences here.


"Agile Round Table (classic)" and "ART Expert Talk" are held in alternate months, with changing venues: the Silver Tower, on Stephensonsstrasse or on Kleyerstrasse – depending on the arrangement.

5:00 pm – doors open

5:30 pm – talks, breakout sessions, discussions

Afterwards there is an opportunity to exchange and network in a relaxed atmosphere. Anyone interested can contact the ART team directly.


As a DB employee, you can reach us via our DB Planet page.