IT partnerships for our customers' benefit

Article: IT partnerships for our customers' benefit

To both anticipate customer wishes and remain flexible, we carefully select first-class partners. These strategic partnerships are crucial components for our mutual success.

The partner management team identifies, persuades and manages the partner companies that are then integrated into our portfolio based on customer needs and our portfolio.  This forward-looking portfolio alignment allows our integrators, enablers and innovators to take a more exact, more competitive approach to meeting our customer's needs.

Our partner network allows us to offer solutions on an as-needed basis – we react quickly to develop them together and roll them out as soon as possible. Specifically, we focus on solutions that invoice the defining issues of the Group's future.

Benefits of a good partner network:

  • High quality
    We build long-term business realtionships that are economically sound, high-quality and legally compliant. 
  • Innovative
    Our future-proof, competitive solutions are developed in collaboration with our partners quickly.
  • Customer-centric 
    All activities are aligned with customer needs and foster profitable growth.  

Together with our strategic partners, we are excellently placed.

Our business partners: