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DB Systel promotes innovative, digital business ideas


Article: DB Systel promotes innovative, digital business ideas

"SCALEUP.STATION" is the support program run by DB Systel that further develops innovative, market-ready start-ups and – where mutual interest exists – is integrated as a business partner into DB's IT portfolio.

Breaking into the European market poses a major challenge for German start-ups. It calls for good contacts and resilient networks. For young entrepreneurs, high-ranking business partnerships constitute the decisive success factor in this respect.

It is precisely here where the "SCALEUP.STATION" programme comes in. DB Systel accompanies up-and-coming start-ups with promising, digital solution approaches on the way to success. The search is on for top start-ups that have already successfully tested their innovative technologies, digital products or services in the market, and drive forward DB's business with smart solutions.

In particular, entrepreneurs from the information and communications technology (ICT) segment are targeted as future business partners with the digital transformation. As Deutsche Bahn's digital partner, DB Systel provides fledgling companies with direct access to one of the largest markets in the areas of mobility, transportation and logistics.

Besides other partners, the"German Accelerator support program" helps DB Systel network successful start-ups. Together, we make sure innovative digital solutions are ready to market and help with scaling through simple, rapid integration into Deutsche Bahn's IT ecosystem.

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