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We can only raise the value of IT and boost the required dynamics for DB as a whole if we work as partners, practise targeted networking and share responsibility

Mutual value added in the Group

Strong Rail needs real digital clout – and no one unit can achieve that alone. We can only achieve successful digitalisation and value creation with partnership-based cooperation in networks.

Product orientation with DevOps

Today's customer expectations mean that software has to reach users faster all the time. The DevOps production model allows us to act with more speed, quality and flexibility.

IT partner and IT suppliers

We are developing the necessary digital solutions with carefully selected, first-class IT suppliers and strategic IT partners to achieve our goal of a Strong Rail. This alliance is an important building block for achieving our joint success.

Innovation ecosystem

The best innovations are created when bright minds come together to share their approaches to solving problems and collaborate across disciplines.


Our communities are a space for interdisciplinary information sharing between experts and enthusiasts on important future and specialist topics – throughout the Group and beyond. They provide a forum for employees with common interests and similar challenges to get involved and build networks so they can benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.