Smooth processes so that our trains always depart on time

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Providing trains

Digital solutions for even more efficient vehicle utilisation

Article: Smooth processes so that our trains always depart on time

We achieve the DB Group's punctuality targets with innovative, connected solutions. Digitalisation helps us to smoothly plan and implement the numerous processes surrounding a train journey.

Punctual trains are at the top of every passenger's wish list. Reliable rail services therefore include, in particular, ensuring that our trains are ready to leave the departure station on schedule. Optimised workflows and IT-based process control are helpful here. This can be achieved if we measure and evaluate all available data in a standardised way. Overarching solutions connect all the systems and information involved in ensuring punctual departure from the platform.

Our overarching support for providing trains:

Planning precedes every train journey. Solutions for providing trains take care of all processes surrounding the train journey, before or after our passengers are on board:

  • Dispatching trains up to the platform – also in the event of changes and disruptions. This includes planning train provision, operations and travel chains.
  • The entire vehicle readiness control from loading and preparation for the journey through to the change of personnel.
  • Systematic evaluation of journeys results in concrete measures for performance improvements.
  • If something does go wrong, coordinating and correcting delays is also part of the job.
"We pool our digital expertise for dispatching and transport planning so that all processes surrounding the train journey perfectly intermesh."

Daniel Hamann, Value Network Consultant, DB Systel

Profile picture Daniel Haman

Before a train is freshly cleaned, maintained and ready to depart on time from the platform with the required personnel, numerous processes have to reliably intermesh at many points – every day, many thousands of times. To ensure that network and fleet capacity are ideally utilised, we work with our Group partners to coordinate all digital initiatives for efficient train provision. Both in local and long distance transport as well as in freight operations. This begins with planning, continues with the provision of information and ends with the productive applications that our employees work with every day.

Clever improvements for more efficient train provision

These proven, overarching solutions are already providing productive support to DB in the preparation and follow-up of train services to ensure punctual, reliable journeys:

Verbund-Ereignisbroker (Interconnection Event Broker, VEIB)

VEIB is a group-wide application that distributes events and data in real-time to serve numerous fields of application. For example, reliable departure forecasts for the departure station make for better informed, more satisfied passengers. In addition, VEIB distributes numerous other data and events for digital rail operations.

Steuerung Gleiswechsel (track change control) App

Real-time control of vehicles in delivery to a maintenance depot and in providing trains. With the Steuerung Gleiswechsel app, dispatchers can see at any time where trains are located, whether stabling sidings are still available or whether shunting movements are possible. Thanks to this app, track change times are reduced by 40 per cent. This reduces waiting times for drivers and speeds up train provision. Of course, the app works together with the Verbundereignisbroker.

DB myForms

Using the myForms digital solution, our Group partners always have the right documents. myForms uses auditable digital forms instead of paper and binders. This speeds up process flows, reduces running costs and is still fully compliant with DB governance. This makes it particularly easy to evaluate and process collected data.

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