Exchange for an excellent practice


Article: Exchange for an excellent practice

A community is a great place to exchange and network. The digital design community also wants to create a clear benefit for the operational excellence of digital solution design.

The central topics we are currently dealing with are:

Considering business, people and technology equally

Starting from a business initiation, we consider business requirements, usage requirements and opportunities of current technologies in each project early on and prioritize them together. In this way, we optimize the benefit as a whole.

Setting up digital solution projects in a focused and targeted manner

At the beginning of each project we need a clear, common practice to define the type of problem, the product goals and the direction of the solution. We develop these, improve them continuously and coach each other in them. This is the basis for aligning all projects with the benefits created during their entire duration.

Maintaining a balance between lean concepts and high quality

In every project we apply methods appropriately and efficiently. For this purpose, we create a clear picture of which method brings which insight in which level of detail.

Furthermore we have in focus

  • In digital design also consider use and construction
  • Designing digital solutions consistently as services
  • Practice Digital Design in BizDevOps mode
  • Enthusiasm for digital design as a practice

Our understanding of digital design is based on the "Digital Design Manifesto" of Bitkom, which we co-authored:

Furthermore, we actively support the certification series "Digital Design Professional" of the International Requirements Engineering Board: